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How to Split Logs Without an Axe

When you’re camping out, building a nice fire can keep you warm all night long, can repel predators, and allows you to cook food and boil water. But what if you don’t have an ax? Learning how to split logs without an ax is possible, using some other types of […]

A broken axe in the wooden deck

How to Replace an Axe Handle

If you regularly use an axe, you’ll find at some point that you’ll need to learn how to replace an axe handle. If you break the handle, you may be tempted to replace the axe, but replacing the handle itself is actually a simple process and one that will allow […]

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Best Firewood for Fireplace

The best firewood for fireplace can provide a cleaner, longer burning fire. Learning about the different types of wood can also save you a lot of trouble and issues that can arise if you use the wrong kind of firewood indoors. Not all wood burns the same, so choosing the […]

Parts of an Axe

While the axe may look like a simple tool, it actually consists of eleven parts. The parts of an axe make up a powerful tool that’s versatile and durable. But not all axes are created equal and the quality of these parts do and will have an impact on each particular […]