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Best Wood Burning Kit & Pyrography Tool To Buy In 2021


If you’re someone who takes their pyrography seriously, then you’re online right now searching for wood burning kit, one that comes loaded with all the right pro-quality tools that you can rely on to take your art to the next level. Since pyrography is more popular than ever before, more and more manufacturers are producing top of the line kits, which can make it difficult to choose one that offers the type of quality you need.

That’s where I come in. I’ve reviewed many of the best-selling kits currently on the market, narrowing it down to the top six. I’ve also created a buyer’s guide that will go over the benefits of using these kits and what types of features you should look for, in order to determine which kit is right for you. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that lists all of the important features each set has to offer, in addition to how it rated.

Best Wood Burning Kits Comparison Chart

Product Pen Type Pieces Tips Rating
Kopin Wood Burning Kit

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Variable Temperarture 4632
Uolor Wood Burning Kit

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Variable Temperarture 5433
Catnes Wood Burning Kit

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Variable Temperarture 9754
Petuol Wood Burning Kit

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Variable Temperarture 8237
HOTOOLME Wood Burning Kit

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Variable Temperarture 7735
TruArt Wood Burning Kit

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Fixed 2221

Kopin Wood Burning Kit

Our Rating: (5/5)

This set comes with an impressive thirty-two tips and features a variable temperature gun, which will give you more control over the wood burning process. With the purchase, you’ll also get two pencils, four wooden hearts, five stencils, and a stand. The number of tips included in the set will allow you to truly get creative and experiment with different strokes, techniques, and patterns. The included pen is pro-quality all the way and allows you to control the temperature from two hundred Celsius to four hundred Celsius. For ultimate portability, this kit comes with its own zippered carrying case, which will allow you to keep all of the pieces stored together and neatly organized.


  • Includes thirty-two tips
  • Variable temperature control pen
  • Includes five stencils
  • Low price
  • Pro-quality


  • Tips need to be retightened during use


This is a pro-quality set that includes a variety of tips and stencils, all of which will allow you to put your wood burning skills to the test and work on a variety of materials, using new techniques, textures, patterns, and more. This is a great buy for both the beginner and the seasoned artist in search of an upgrade.

Uolor Wood Burning Tool

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This kit includes a variable temperature gun with a range of two hundred Celsius up to four hundred and fifty Celsius. The pen is equipped with ceramic inner heated technology for a faster heat-up time of just forty-five seconds. It’s also energy-efficient, and features an ergonomic, lightweight design, for ultimate comfort. The pen runs on sixty watts of power and comes with a total of twenty-eight embossing, carving, and engraving tips, and five soldering tips. Inside this package, you’ll also find a hot knife chuck, two blades, six pencils, six stencils, one holder, and a converter replacement.


  • Includes thirty-three tips
  • Variable temperature pen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight


  • Can become too hot to hold when used for a longer period of time


While this set is considered pro-quality and would make a great buy for the experienced artist, its beginner-friendly design and the wide variety of tips to choose from also makes it a great choice for the beginner who wants to experiment with new wood burning techniques, using a lightweight pen that’s durable and versatile.

Catnes Wood Burning Tool

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This massive, ninety-seven piece set comes with a variety of tools and a pen that is equipped with a soft rubber handle that offers a more comfortable grip and heat protection. The set includes fifty-four different tips that can be used for embossing, woodwork, formwork cutting, welding, image transfers, and more. You’ll also get a pen that’s pretty powerful and offers rapid heat up and precise temperature control. The pen runs on sixty watts of power and has a heat-up time of just fifteen seconds, which is pretty impressive. The variable temperature range comes in at two hundred Celsius up to four hundred and fifty Celsius.


  • Lightweight
  • Heat protection
  • Comes with fifty-four tips
  • Versatile


  • Handle can become too hot after an hour of use


This is the ultimate set for the beginner who is starting fresh or the experienced artist who wants to upgrade their old set. This is one of the largest sets on the market that’s considered pro-quality, which also makes it a steal for the price.

Petuol Wood Burning Tool

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This package includes thirty-seven tips, twelve colored pencils, two hot knife chucks, twelve molds, ten pieces of carbon paper, one holder, six wood chips, and a carrying case. The variable temperature control pen features a faster than average heat-up time of just fifteen seconds and has a temperature range of two hundred Celsius to four hundred and fifty Celsius, providing you with precise temperature control. The pen’s lightweight, ergonomic design promotes longer use, allowing you to use a variety of angles without causing discomfort or user fatigue.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Precise temperature control
  • Includes thirty-seven tips


  • Longer length of the pen can make it difficult to control


This kit can be used for wood burning, image transfers, welding, textile embossing, formwork cutting, and much more. The variable temperature control offers the type of lightweight design that experienced artists are looking for, while the wide variety of tips to choose from will allow you to truly get creative and try out interesting and unique textures, patterns, shading techniques, and more.

HOTOOLME Wood Burning Kit

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is another leading variable temperature set that features a heat range of two hundred degrees Celsius to four hundred and fifty degrees Celsius and utilizes inner heated ceramic technology that allows the pen to heat up in just fifteen seconds. The pen itself features an ergonomic design that makes it more comfortable to hold, as does the lightweight design, both of which allow you to use the pen longer, in total comfort. This set includes thirty-five tips, eighteen colored pencils, two hot knife chucks, a carrying case, ten pieces of carbon paper, seven stencils, eighteen colored pencils, and a pen holder.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Includes pen hold
  • Comes with thirty-five tips


  • Begins to run too hot after one hour of use


This kit has it all. It comes with all the supplies the beginner will need to get started on their exciting path to becoming a wood burning master, while the experienced artist will appreciate all of the great extras, including the variety of pen tips, colored pencils, and stencils. This set is reasonably priced, loaded with great features, and will be a great buy for artists of all skill levels.

TruArt Wood Burning Kit

Our Rating: (4/5)

This model features a dual power mode, and a fixed temperature setting, which is different from the other models on my list. This is also a fixed temperature model, which may be a deal-breaker for the artist in need of a more versatile pen, one that offers precise temperature control. The pen can switch from thirty watts of power for wood work, to fifteen watts for leather work. The barrel is made out of stainless steel, which can make it uncomfortable and difficult to use after more than an hour. This will be another issue for the serious artist. In this package, you’ll find a total of twenty-one tips, stencils, and other extras that the beginner will appreciate. Given the temperature and power limitations, I would not recommend this model for experienced users.


  • Includes twenty-one tips
  • Dual power
  • Lightweight
  • Low price


  • Steel barrel is uncomfortable to hold
  • Fixed temperature can be very limiting for some users


This lightweight, durable fixed temperature pen and tip set are designed with the beginner in mind. The dual power mode will allow you to choose the power level based on application, which can be a plus for some users. However, the barrel can be very uncomfortable to hold for most artists, especially since it lacks any type of padding or support. Considering the limited temperature and tip options, this set is a much better choice for the beginner on a budget, instead of the experienced artist in need of a more versatile wood burning set.

Wood Burning Kit Buyer’s Guide

If you’re interested in delving into the art of leather or wood burning, then you need to use a pyrography pen, also commonly referred to as a wood burning tool. This art form can be used on leather, wood, canvas, gourds, and paper. Wood is the most common material used, which is why so many people refer to this medium as wood-burning.

Hobby or craft, wood burners offer a unique and creative outlet for any person who wants to develop their artistic flair or learn a new craft. As a hobby, it can be a fun way to further develop your artistic skills as you learn how to decorate around the home. Whether you’re new to pyrography or you’re a seasoned artist, to perfect and perform this medium, you need to use the right type of tools. For the best results, you’ll need to use quick heating tools that come with adjustable tips that can burn at different temperatures. But finding the right set can take some research on your part. The tools you use should match your skill level and should come with all the tips and equipment you need based on application type, and your budget.

Benefits of Using Wood Burning Tools

  • A pyrography machine is used to burn designs not just into wood. It can also be used on gourds, canvas, leather, and other types of natural materials such as bone.
  • You can use these tools to experiment with a wide range of materials, for different types of art projects.
  • This medium is very versatile and is often used by gourd artists, woodcarvers, and woodworkers as well as pyrographers.
  • This is also a very beginner-friendly art form, and one that’s relatively affordable.

Other Features to Look For


When you’re shopping around for a new set, there are many factors that you’ll want to consider before you buy. These factors include intended use, skill level, and your budget.

This art form is practiced with a wood burner, which is a heated pen that comes with different types of tips that allow you to achieve different brushstrokes and effects that are burned into the wood, paper, and other types of materials.

Types of Wood Burning Tools

A traditional kit will come with this pen-like shaped tool that’s very similar to the type of pens used for soldering when working on circuit boards or for delicate glasswork. Using this type of tool will give you more control over your work. The pen-like shaped tool comes equipped with a handle that’s shaped like a cylinder, a tip that’s used to draw on the material’s surface, and a heating element of metal. Some kits will come with a transformer. The transformer works by monitoring and maintaining the temperature that you have set.

When you’re shopping for a new set, you’ll come across two types of pyrography pens:

  • Solid-point
  • Wire/Variable temperature
  • Solid-Point

This type operates and looks just like a soldering iron. It comes equipped with a brass tip that’s heated by an electrical element. These pens work at a fixed temperature.

Wire/Variable Temperature

These tools are often the type preferred by the pros, since they offer variable temperature controls. The tip is heated via an electrical current that passes through it directly. Some models will come with a few interchangeable tips, which will allow you to use different burning effects. The wire points can be molded for a variety of tasks, providing the type of versatility that most artists are looking for. When you’re shopping for a new kit, check out the tips and look for ones that can diversify your shading, allow you to create fine line work, increase your texturing options, and tips that make calligraphy easy. Many models will come with built-in thermostats, which will provide better control over the temperature. You can also purchase a wide range of interchangeable tips including down feather tips, fish scales, and other types of specialty textures.

Kit Contents

In a traditional kit, you’ll find a selection of tips, in addition to a wood burning pen. Higher-priced tools will come with stencils, stamps, fingerguards, a case, a stand, and more. When you’re searching for a new kit online, you’ll find a large selection of tooltips with assorted shapes. Each of the tooltips is designed to create their own effect and performs different functions.


Some people will prefer to work with a heavier pyrography pen, while other artists prefer lightweight models. With practice and more experience, you will learn which type of tips and pen suit your artistic style and which type is more comfortable to work with. Since you’ll be holding this tool for a long period of time, it’s important that you use a model that’s not only comfortable, but easy to control and manipulate.

Power Options

Many manufacturers will tell you that the more power a kit offers, the better. When you’re working with paper, this is very true, since the hotter the tip the faster you’ll be able to work. However, too much power can cause an undesired blackened look and can even cause your system to overheat.

Power ratings for these sets are often presented in watts. If you’re looking for a faster tool, then purchase one with more amps, as opposed to a model that just has a high wattage. Voltage should also be considered.

Three-volt models usually come with wires that have heavy gauges. This can result in less detail in your work. With a two-volt system, the wires feature a finer gauge, which allows for more detailed work. A three-volt system is usually categorized as a craft-style burner, while high-end two-volt models are often associated with variable temperature pens.

Tip Styles


The tip of the wood burning tool is what makes the impressions. Because of this, it’s very important that you choose the perfect tip, one that will work for your vision and artistic style.


These tips can provide the type of versatility you need to create more detailed work. They can also allow you to work with fewer pens since the tips can easily be swapped out for another.


This type of tip is considered a little rougher, which makes it more likely to drag on certain types of materials. The result is more imperfections and a less refined look. These are usually included in a craft-style wood burning kits and are perfect for making huge dark surfaces.


A polished tip is very smooth. Its smoothness will allow you to run them cleanly over most surfaces. They offer more detail and are usually used with variable temperature models.


This type of tip has a reputation for heating up quickly and offering a more uniform look.


As I mentioned earlier, comfort is everything. How comfortable or uncomfortable a pen is to hold can have a big impact on your work, especially if you plan on using the tool for a long period of time. Typically, the craft-style pens usually come with the largest handles, which can make the pens uncomfortable to hold and harder to use.

Variable temperature models will come with handles that are significantly smaller, making them much easier to draw with. This will allow you to hold them for longer, comfortably, without the fear of your hand cramping up.

Related Questions

What Should I Look for in a Wood Burning Kit?

If you’re a beginner, then you’ll want a set that comes with several different tip options to choose from, a pen that’s lightweight, with a padded handle, and great extras such as stencils and carbon paper. The serious artist will need many of the same features, but they may have more of a preference when it comes to the pen design or the type of tips included in a set.

How Long Does it Take a Wood Burning Tool to Cool?

On average, it should take no more than five minutes for one of these pens to completely cool down enough to properly store it. However, there are some models that may take seven to ten minutes to cool down completely. This tends to vary from model to model. To be on the safe side, make sure you give the pen approximately twelve minutes to cool down before storing it in its carrying case.

How Do You Shade in Wood Burning?

For this technique, you’ll need to use a curved edge shader or a spear shader and use long pulled strokes. If you’re new to wood burning, then make sure you’re using the proper tip and technique. The seasoned artist may want to experiment with different types of tips and strokes, depending on the type of material they’re shading and the project itself.

What’s the Best Wood Burning Tip to Use?

Since there are so many different types of tips to choose from, finding the right one will ultimately depend on the project, design, and the type of basic burning techniques you’re trying to achieve. These tips come in a number of shapes and sizes. Having a wide variety to choose from will allow you to experiment with different designs and patterns with varying strokes, depths, and diameters.

Final Thoughts

Wood burning kit will allow the seasoned artist and the beginner to experiment with an art form that’s been practiced for thousands of years. Mastering this medium can also lead to other types of wood-related hobbies, such as carving and woodworking, or it can allow you to expand your skill set in order to create decorative pieces for practical purposes around the yard and home. What you decide to create is entirely up to you, but with the top kits I’ve included here and this in-depth buyer’s guide, you should have no problem finding a set that will help you cultivate your art form and take your skills to the next level.