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Wen Log Splitter – Best Electric Log Spiller WEN 56207 6.5-Ton

Wen Log Splitter - Best Electric Log Spiller WEN 56207 6.5-Ton

Wen Log Splitter 56207 is a top-selling model for a number of reasons and some may even say it’s the best log splitter in this price bracket. It comes equipped with a built-in stand, for ultimate portability, a fifteen amp motor, which will allow you to tackle wood blocks and logs of any size. It’s a tough log splitter and one that can be used for both home and pro use.

Our Verdict: This model by Wen comes loaded with all the right features, including a powerful electric motor, a variety of mounting options, a free stand complete with never-flat tires, and an auto-return cylinder that makes the entire process fast and easy. Powerful, easy to use, and equipped with the type of power and features you need to get the job done, this model is a steal for the price.

Overview and Features

Splitting wood can be serious, back-breaking work, even for the physically fit. But if you’re tired of putting in the work every season, then this splitter can be a true lifesaver and a machine you can really rely on. While it isn’t exactly cheap, if you’re dreading hitting that woodpile, then you’ll quickly realize this is a machine that’s worth every penny.

This model can efficiently and quickly split logs utilizing thirteen thousand pounds of pressure. It comes with a free stand, which is a big selling point for any buyer on a budget in need of a model that’s highly portable. This is a machine that comes with plenty of bells and whistles, not to mention more power than you’ll need.

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

WEN 56207

  • Comes with optional stand
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Never-flat tires
  • Electric motor
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Reasonable price


This model comes with a powerful fifteen amp motor which allows it to handle wood up to ten inches in diameter and a little over twenty inches in length.

Electric Power

Since this is an electric model, you’ll need access to a standard outlet. However, now, you won’t have to worry about the temperature impacting the machine’s performance. You also won’t have to deal with oil changes or a clogged carburetor, however, its common knowledge that a gas-powered log splitter is much more powerful. But despite the fact that this is an electric model, it’s still impressively powerful. The motor comes in at fifteen amps of raw power, which allows it to take on logs that are twenty and a half inches long and ten-inches in diameter. According to the manufacturer, this model can handle up to one hundred and twenty logs per hour.


The log splitter’s included stand elevates the splitter off the floor at thirty-four inches. If you don’t want to use the stand you can mount the wheels directly to the base of the model.


If you’re worried about using your new log splitter and maintaining it, then this simple, low-maintenance design will be a big selling point for you. This easy to use electric log splitter offers a fast simple start-up each time, with the first try. You won’t have to worry about the high maintenance needs you can expect with a gas-powered model since a clogged carburetor isn’t an issue.


This model’s onboard handle and five and a half inch never-flat wheels make this model highly portable for easy storage and transportation between jobs.


You can easily adjust the travel distance of the four-inch push plate by simply using the ram-limiting adjustment ring. This will provide maximum efficiency and a much shorter cycle time for an improved performance.


WEN 56207

If you’re tired of dealing with low-quality splitters, then you’ll love this model’s five-inch wedge which comes in at forty-five degrees for a more accurate, sharper split for even the toughest wood.

Auto-Return Cylinder

The cylinder will retract automatically each time after a split is completed. This will save you plenty of time and energy between each log.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Log Splitter


  • Free stand
  • Never flat tires
  • Powerful fifteen-amp motor
  • Auto-return cylinder
  • Highly accurate cuts
  • Low price


  • Difficulty cutting through knotted wood

Wen Splitter Vs. Goplus 6 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter

Wen has some stiff competition with the Goplus, which boasts fifteen hundred watts of power and a six ton splitting force, it’s definitely a model to be reckoned with. Like the Wen, it comes with never-flat tires, and an efficient design that makes it very easy to transport and store. The compact design also makes it a great choice if you’re short on storage space. Because it comes with a higher than average waterproof rating, you also won’t have to worry about it rusting if you leave it out in the elements. The price is also right, although it goes for a slightly higher price than this model. Overall, both splitters have what it takes to get the job done, but the Wen model is more beginner-friendly and comes with the auto-return cylinder which will set up each cut for you, ensuring clean results each time. If you’re a beginner and in need of a splitter with a foolproof operation, then skip the Goplus and stick with this best-selling model by Wen.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

WEN 56207Splitting logs have never been an easy job. It takes time, determination, skill, good aim, and some serious arm power. But this model can do all the heavy lifting for you and make short work of your woodpile in just the fraction of the time that it would take splitting wood manually.

In the past, if you learned how to split wood with a wedge, then using this simple, basically automatic log cutting machine will be a dream come true. It comes loaded with the type of features that takes all of the real work out of splitting logs, saving you both time and energy. Feature-packed and low maintenance this model earned a rating of four and a half stars out of five.